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StreetSumo is a site created to share the best budget streetwear clothing, sneakers, and accessories. Some of our content includes Budget Fits, where we share complete streetwear outfits at a reasonable price, and Frugal Friday, where we share the best value pieces, each week focusing on a different aspect of an outfit.

StreetSumo was started on January 12th, 2016 and since then has grown to a sizeable audience.

Audience Statistics:

  • 13,000+ Unique Visitors Monthly
  • 40,000+ Pageviews Monthly
  • 97% Male Readership
  • 80% Ages 18-24
  • 67% users from United States

Revenue Statistics:

  • Over $12,000 referred to Amazon (through Amazon Associates Program)
  • 2.68% Conversion Rate on in-line content

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